kcolephotos.com: About Me

I think I have always had an interest in photography. I remember as a teenager, taking the family 35mm slide camera and shooting a few rolls of film before putting it aside because it was too expensive to buy film for experimenting or to take lessons.

With the advent of digital cameras, I have rekindled that interest and am now enjoying all kinds of photography. Recently, I have even been able to have my hobby pay for itself through microstock photo sales. It is still a thrill to have others not only pay to use my photos but to also see how and where they have been used.

I am currently enjoying becoming acquainted with my new Nikon D300 after owning a Nikon D70s for a couple of years. I am particularly interested in night photography because I am fascinated at how things look so different in the dark than in sunlight.

Please enjoy your stay and browse my photos. All photos in these galleries and many more are available for purchase and downloading at Dreamstime.com.

If you would like prints of any photo, please use the Contact link to send me an email and I will be happy to make arrangements.

Ken Cole